Why Come to Counselling?

Why come to counselling? Because self-awareness is the key to change and growth. My work with you will aim to increase your knowledge of yourself and your ability to accept what you see. I work in a relational way, meaning that I will be trying to form a solid connection with you and use that in providing support and challenge as we work together.

Counselling can help you in many ways: what you achieve will depend on your needs and focus during the work. For example, I have experience using my individual approach to help others:

  • Create positive, meaningful and lasting change
  • Address named issues such as stress, anxiety, anger, bereavement, separation, depression or low mood, lack of motivation, eating problems, self-harming behaviours, identity & sexuality issues, relationships or work related issues
  • Deal with low self-esteem or low self-worth
  • Talk through unresolved experiences from the past
  • Explore difficulties with communication
  • Understand what’s behind a fear of change or feelings of being emotionally or psychologically disconnected
  • Make sense of unexpected life experiences
  • Reconcile unfulfilled hopes and expectations

So, to answer the question why come to counselling, it is to gain the opportunity to build a close and supportive relationship with another human being who will focus totally on you and what you want to achieve.

In doing this I will use my experience to highlight blocks or struggles that you are not immediately aware of. As our relationship deepens, I will encourage you to experiment with alternative ways to express and relate to me, that you can then try out with others.