Successful Counselling

Clients, not just therapists, make successful counselling happen. Being active in your own therapy is the greatest determinant for success. My own experience (backed up by counselling research) suggests clients who approach counselling with openness, a desire to work collaboratively with the counsellor and freely choosing to start therapy, are likely to have the most satisfying therapeutic experience.

Attending counselling consistently from week to week is vital to achieve the benefits of being in a supportive relationship. This is one of the core conditions to successful counselling and means that you will need to be commited to the process and have a regular slot in mind before we go ahead.

My role in this is to help you identify and clarify your goals, expectations and understanding of how therapy works, ensuring they are realistic and achievable. To share my thoughts on why you are facing particular difficulties and help utilise your natural strengths and abilities to work through them.

I will provide a safe, consistent presence and relationship throughout our work together.