How I Work

Every relationship in life is different, and so how I work will depend on you, me and the relationship we form. I see my clients as partners, not patients, and so my focus will shift as yours does and I will use my training and experience to support you on a journey that is uniquely your own.

I combine relational therapy with up to date approaches and methods to support my clients in achieving the change they need. I match this experience and training as a therapist with qualifications and a long history in coaching and working in consulting and professional services. This means that I have a wide range of tools and techniques to use in my work to best meet your needs.

As a person and therapist embracing humanistic values, how I work with you includes:

  • Appreciating that you, not I, am the expert on you
  • An attitude of non-judgement, honesty and transparency
  • A respect for your privacy and lifestyle
  • Giving you positive, constructive and challenging feedback – which you are free to consider, take on board or reject
  • Taking notice of our developing relationship as this is a mirror for other relationships in your life

Developing a trusting relationship is essential before any person is willing to risk sharing their deeper thoughts and feelings with another person. Many of us find this challenging.

Therapy offers you the opportunity to experiment with trying out new ways of sharing and relating to another person, which with growing confidence, you will feel more confident to do with those closest and most important to you.

Coaching offers you the opportunity to assess the goals you are setting for yourself and to build realistic and achievable approaches to achieving them.